Brian McDonald


Brian McDonald, game programming veteran at Glasgow Caledonian University, specialises in Video Game Graphics and Mobile Game Development. Brian, is a keen supporter of the Video Games Industry in Scotland and a long time IGDA member. Brian has been a pivotal player in IGDA Scotland chapter since the very early days, organising the Glasgow meetings and facilitating presentations across all venues.

Brian sees the future of the chapter to support the Games Industry in Scotland which includes Developers, Academics and Students. He is also keen to grow the chapter to embrace developers around Scotland.

When Brian is not making video games, he is playing video games, boardgames, roleplaying games and tabletop games. Brian is a big fan of cup cakes, and can be often seen in various bar around Glasgow. If you see him, make sure you buy him a pint or a whisky.

Luke Dicken

Luke has been a gamer as long as he can remember, starting on a TI99 before he could talk properly.

At about 13 years old he picked up a copy of Creatures, and from there his destiny was more or less fixed. The next 4 years were spent reading papers he didn’t really understand and playing with tech demos for both Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life.

An undergraduate degree in AI was the natural way of progressing this, followed by an MSc, both at the University of Edinburgh. Luke then moved to University of Strathclyde to pursue a Master of Research in “Autonomous Planning for Automated Systems”, graduating with distinction, and has gone on to develop the concepts he had created as part of the MRes for a PhD that he still occasionally works on.

He is a founding member of the Strathclyde AI and Games research group where he supervises projects in the area of AI for Games and gives a variety of seminars and lectures on Game AI across Scotland. In his free time he writes extensively on the subject for websites such as AltDevBlogADay and Gamasutra, and occasionally writes for consumer-oriented sites. He is also co-chair of the Education track of the AltDevConf, a conference taking place in February 2012 organised by many of the same people behind AltDevBlogADay.

This year, Luke was awarded an IGDA Scholarship to attend E3. There he saw first hand the amazing community that the IGDA has created, and was privileged to be on the receiving ends of many opportunities as a result. Helping to organise IGDA Scotland allows him to continue the great work the organisation does and raise awareness about their initiatives.


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